Intro to R (R Series: Part 1)

Are you interested in using R but have no idea where to start? Are you curious about how to use R for data science? Join us in our Intro to R workshop! Discover the basics of the R programming language and how to navigate RStudio. Learn how to effectively communicate your work with R Markdown. And get a sense of how to practice data science with a taste of the Tidyverse!

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Intro to Tableau

Learn to utilize Tableau software to create analytical dashboards and data visualizations. Tableau is an easy to use program that makes it simple to use and understand data. We’ll be taking a practice dataset and making charts, maps, and visualizations that can show such data in a whole new context.

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Intro to Git & Github

Have you ever wondered how to work on a coding project with others? Started a project and been confused how to navigate through GitHub? In this workshop, we’ll cover what Git and GitHub are and how to use them effectively. We’ll go into pushing/pulling through the command line and how to perform pull requests on GitHub. If you’re at all interested in Computer Science, this workshop will teach you necessary skills for collaborating on projects.

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Intro to Spatial Data (R Series: Part 2)

Location is an important, but often overlooked aspect of data science. In this Intro to Spatial Data workshop, you’ll get an introduction to spatial data and data types, work on cleaning and manipulating spatial data sets, and learn how to add aspects of space and time to more conventional statistical methods in order to boost your data science skills! This workshop is geared towards those already familiar with R and RStudio, but beginners, especially those who attended Part 1 on Monday, are more than welcome to tag along!

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