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Metrics Matters

Project Lead: Ben Lu

Project Goals:

  • Provide a learning platform for all skill-levels in a team-learning environment
  • Teach useful python techniques and apply them to the data set for hands-on experience
  • Take on projects you are interested in to learn new concepts as well as apply old ones
  • Provide a curriculum with less intimidating schedule for members to learn Python

Project Resources

Tar Heel Reader

Project Lead: Jacob McCright

Tar Heel Reader is a web-based accessibility reader located at The website aims to help children, the developmentally disabled, and foreign-language speakers learn to read. Each “book” is user-created with a picture per page accompanied by 1-3 sentences. There are roughly 60,000 books currently on Tar Heel Reader being read by users world-wide. Recently THR surpassed 10 million reads!

The THR project has many possibilities. There is a massive wealth of data which we have access to thanks to its creator, Dr. Gary Bishop, a professor at UNC. The team has finished the first iteration of a recommendation system to recommend books to readers kind of like how Netflix recommends movies. Now we are trying to measure the quality of these recommendations and find a way to auto-tag the genre or category of the books to help search functionality. The directions you can go with this project are broad and up to you if you would like. From natural language or image processing, to search optimization, and machine learning classification this project is very exciting!

This project is about learning by doing and we are always happy to welcome new members to the team! This is a great opportunity to have something real and tangible to show your passion and hard-work in Data Science.

High School Outreach

Project Leads: Kunal Lodaya and Vikram Aikat

Contact: ,

The High School Outreach program consists of a series of workshops developed and taught by current UNC students, and is intended for high school students with an interest in mathematical modeling competitions. Specifically, we are aiming to prepare current sophomores and juniors to compete in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling this upcoming fall.

This spring, we plan to host high school students on UNC campus for a series of workshops; these will focus on team-based problem solving, developing computational and analytical models, and writing rigorous solution papers. In particular, emphasis will be put on communication – both in technical paper writing, and non-technical summarization of models. All of these skills will apply directly to competitions in mathematical modeling, and will be supplemented by additional material for the summer and a series of shorter workshops in the fall.